Ashburton Bathroom Renovation

Upstairs Ensuite and Main Bathroom Redesign

Black Phoenix tapware, hand rails, shower fittings, the baths and vanity units are exclusive to Reece Plumbing Australia, and make a bold statement in these two spaces.

Bathtime Bathrooms understood that this customer was looking to luxuriate. The family bathroom includes a full-size bathtub, giant showerhead, double hand-basin and mirror-faced recessed storage above the vanity.

The upstairs ensuite features the same patterns and colours of tiles, yet the smaller space is still luxurious and spacious.

A variety of tile sizes in soft cream colours outline the specific areas of each room, creating a feature above the vanity units and wall recesses next to each bathtub.

Glass screens ensure there is no interruption of view leaving the rooms feeling uncluttered.

Ashburton, VIC 3147
Type of Project
Fixtures & Fittings
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Helene Scalise - Bathtime Bathrooms

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